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Keeping the Emotion in Motion - Servicing your Mazda

Zoom-Zoom. Is Mazda's way of expressing the exhilaration, liberation and sheer joy that come from experiencing motion. We practice it every day. It's why Eagers Mazda Service experts are better qualified than anyone to keep Zoom-Zoom alive and driving - today, tomorrow and down the road. The Mazda Maintenance Program, with just two services a year, is the most effective way to ensure the passion and thrill born into every Mazda stays right where it belongs: At your fingertips.

Looking after your Mazda is only half the story, we know that you are happiest when you are on the road with your Mazda, so keeping you there is our priority. At Eagers Mazda we want your service experience to be as easy and convenient as possible. From the friendly reminder of your next visit, to the survey that follows, Eagers Mazda takes the worry out of servicing your Mazda.

What you need to know...(Click to Open)

Newstead Location

Address: 40 Austin Street, Newstead

Phone: 1300 883 091

If approaching from Fortitude Valley, turn right onto Evelyn Street and then left and left again to Austin Street. Gate is the first on your left.

If approaching form Breakfast Creek direction then simply turn left into Austin Street and gate is the third on your right.

Turn right under the building and one of our Service Advisors will see you in.

Hours: Monday - Saturday

Monday - Friday: 7:00 AM - 5:30 PM

Saturday: 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM

If you need to drop your car off before the gate opens then lock up your car on the street outside the gates and pop the keys in the Early Bird Box on the right hand gate.

If you are unable to get here before 5:30pm then please be sure to talk to your Advisor to make an arrangement as once gates are locked then staff are unable to unlock them. Security Guards can only release a car with prior arrangements.

Please allow around 10-15 mins for drop-off and pick-up visits. Peak times for us are early morning and late afternoon. If you want to avoid waiting whilst we help others then aim to be with us outside of these times. Your Advisor will be happy to help make suggestions to best suit your needs.

Service Price Guide

Mazda Australia publishes their Service Price Guide schedule on their website. At Eagers Mazda we commit to following this guide.

Services follow a broad 2-year cycle of: Small (6m); Mid (1yr); Small (1.5yr) & Major (2yr). The prices reflect this pattern because of the amount of work and replacement parts involved.

Consider Servicing cost as an investment in reducing running costs (economy & convenience), longevity (breakdown) and resale value of your vehicle.

When making a booking please let the Advisor know what Service you want performed from Mazda's Service Price Guide or one of our non-Log Book options (Basic Service $169* or General $240*) so we are sure to be meeting your expectations.

*Will be higher for 4WD & Diesel vehicles, please ask for details.

Courtesy Bus Available to and from the City

Eagers Newstead run a regular Courtesy Bus to and from the Valley & CBD Monday to Friday:

Morning Run: Leaves from Service Reception.

Afternoon Run: By Appointment ONLY - please book return bus times with driver when entering the bus or call your Service Advisor to get your booking passed to the driver. People without a booking may have to be refused. Please be at your appointed pick-up place before the due time and keep an eye out for the bus.

Phone: (07) 3250 8930

Stops are the same for Drop-Off and Pick-Up as it is a 1-way route

  • 1. Winn Street Fortitude Valley - Behind The Zoo nightclub
  • 2. Eagle Street - Drop Off Zone outside the Pig 'n' Whistle
  • 3. Post Office - Loading Zone Queen Street outside The Manor Apartments
  • 4. Treasury Casino - Drop Off Zone corner George & Elizabeth Streets
  • 5. Roma Street - Outside Traders Hotel entrance

Public Transport & Ticket Refund

Eagers Mazda will reimburse the full cost of bus, train & ferry tickets out to Zone 4 (most of Brisbane) out of a bill at the end of the day (Free Service & Warranty visits excluded). Just be sure to hold on to your tickets and present them when you come in to collect your car.

We are well located for public transport to local destinations and those further afield.

For Inbound services use Bus Stop outside the showroom on Breakfast Creek Rd.

For Outbound services use Bus Stop on the opposite side of Breakfast Creek Rd.

Walk to Bowen Hills Train Station via Edmondstone Rd & Folkstone St

Bus: Several bus routes pass on Breakfast Creek Rd:

Train: Bowen Hills station is an easy 10-15 mins walk. As a hub, Bowen Hills station allows you to go anywhere the trains travel to in Brisbane including the airport. If you prefer not to walk Bus #393 leaves from outside the Shell Service Station across the road.

Ferry: Commercial Rd, Teneriffe is the closest ferry stop. Bus #393 runs from outside the showroom on Breakfast Creek Rd or is around a 20 min walk.

To help you plan, use the Translink website.

Loan Cars Available

Eagers Mazda maintains a small fleet of automatic, late model cars for customers who desire the full freedom of having a vehicle to drive whilst we maintain theirs. Loan cars are available for a very fair $33 per day or $16.50 for half day.

Loan cars require booking in advance to ensure a car is available. On service day we will need to scan your Driver's License and Credit Card for insurance.

Express Service Option

If you are wanting to wait with us whilst we service your car, please let the Advisor know as soon as you start the booking so they can help find the most effective way to meet your needs.

Express Servicing enables us complete most Scheduled Services and have you on the road again in about an hour.

The Fine Print: There have to be a few conditions to enable Express Servicing to work

  • Express Services must be booked accordingly so we can have everything in place
  • We ask that you arrive 15 mins before the scheduled start time to ensure that your car is with the waiting mechanic at the right time.
  • Major Services will NOT fit into the express time as there is simply too much work to fit it all in the limited time
  • Fix Work will also not be accepted in these slots as we can't be sure how long the work will take.

Service Lounge

We maintain a Customer Lounge area in the Sales Showroom. Ask your Advisor to show you up. Facilities include:

  • Couches
  • Coffee, Tea & Biscuits
  • TV
  • Today's newspaper
  • Powered work area
  • Wi Fi (ask Reception for login)
  • Toilets and Baby Changing facility

If wanting to wait with us then please be sure to let the Advisor know when you make your booking so we can help make sure your wait is as short as possible.

Eagers Mazda Service Details

Fuel Injector flush

Fuel Injector Flush Fuel Injectors are computer controlled nozzles that spray fuel into your engine at exactly the time needed to ensure best power and fuel economy.
Read more here >>

Throttle Body Clean

An engine needs to burn two fuels to create power. Petrol (or diesel) is one and Oxygen is the other. If the fuel/oxygen mix is wrong the engine will lose power and efficiency.
Read more here >>

Earn Referral Dollars

Everyone likes to spread news. We also know that people like to help each other. The Eagers Mazda Referral Programs allow you to do both.

If you have been happy with the service we have given you, then why not spread the good news and help others get the same by referring them to us? You do it every day already so this is nothing new; we just like to reward you for your caring (about us, your friends and colleagues).

Service $75: For every new person you refer to us who has a Service, we will be delighted to send you a voucher for $75.

Sales $250: For every new person you refer to us who purchases a New or Used Car, we will be delighted to send you a voucher for $250.

You can spend your Eagers Referral Dollars in any part of our business; Cars, Accessories, Parts or Service. We don't limit this in any way. Just fill in the card and send along with your referee. A new referral card will be hanging on your Rear View Mirror every time you Service your car with us.

Parts & Accessories

Some 'daily' parts are available at Austin Street Service Centre but most Parts & Accessories for Mazda are held at the Eagle Farm warehouse. We can have them brought across for you on request but it may be faster for you go to:

Address: 150 Fison Avenue West, Eagle Farm

Phone: (07) 3364 1000

The Eagers Mazda Parts Department is in the Metro Ford Building

Bodywork & Paint Repairs

Sometimes your car can get damaged. If this happens then we are happy to help you to get things back the way they should be with the help of our preferred repairer - Advance Auto Repair Centre

Advance Auto repair Centre
14 Higgs Street Albion, QLD 4010
(07) 3862 2974

If an insurance company is involved we can handle some of the liaising for you as well.

Got another question?

Have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page. You can find out what to do if your vehicle breaks down, how much servicing costs, how often the engine oil should be checked and more.

If you're question isn't answered there, feel free to use our contact form to let us know and one of our friendly service staff will assist you.